Building Magic Fundraiser:

Ends December 31st, 2018.

Number of Donors: 569

Total Raised: $153,451.05

Martin Short Video Supports Westdale Theatre Building Magic Campaign

Hamilton-born TV, film and theatre star, Martin Short, has recorded a video that shares the story of the Westdale Theatre’s restoration campaign – Building Magic.
Short offered to help the campaign by doing whatever he could from his home-base in California. It took the form a video that he recorded last Friday night on the set of Real Time with Bill Maher, where he was also a panelist.

Short grew up in Hamilton, attending Westdale High School and McMaster University, where he received a BA in Social Work. His career in show business began the year he graduated when he appeared in the Toronto production of Godspell. He went on to star in SCTV, Saturday Night Live on television, and in a number of major Hollywood films including Three Amigos, Mars Attacks, and Father of the Bride.

About Westdale Cinema Group

The Westdale Cinema Group is a non-profit organization formed by a group of dedicated volunteers to acquire, renovate and operate the Westdale Theatre.  Through our Board of Directors, our goal is to create Hamilton’s premier cinema screening experience for art and independent films and a state-of-the-art exhibition space for music, readings, lectures, video streaming, and public meetings. We want the Westdale Theatre to be a community-based cultural and economic hub for Westdale Village, the surrounding neighbourhood and the City of Hamilton.

Why an urban barn raising?

When we first announced our plan to revitalize the Westdale Theatre, we were taken by the incredible number of people who reached out to us, via our very popular Facebook page, to offer to help in any way they could to contribute to realizing our vision – all pro-bono.

Some offered money. Others offered expertise, such as theatre designers, architects, project managers, heritage restoration experts, neon sign craftspeople, fundraisers, and many more.

Some said that although they weren’t able to give money, they were willing to provide their labour to help us with demolition, painting and so on.

It was this outpouring of community spirit and goodwill that caused us to start calling our project an ‘urban barn raising ’. It’s community engagement Hamilton-style. And we simply love it. Thanks Hamilton.

Why Building Magic?

The theme for our fundraising campaign grows out of our belief that films are, in a word, magical. Over the past 80 years, almost every major movie star has appeared onscreen at the Westdale. Their films have transported us to places we’ve never been. Shown us things we might never have imagined. Filled our hearts with joy, with fear, with sadness, with love, and, above all else, with memories. As we build the new Westdale, we want the tradition of presenting magic to continue – whether visiting the Westdale, for film, music, theatre, or to hear an author.