Our Founders

We are so thankful to the people we call our ‘Founders’ who came together to loan the Westdale Cinema Group the money necessary to acquire the building. Here are some of the reasons they shared with us as to why they support the project.

Incite Foundation for the Arts/Carl Turkstra: “I graduated from Westdale High School in 1954. I’ll be honest, I played hooky in the afternoon more than a few times and went to the Westdale Theatre to see a movie. I think this project will make a very positive contribution to culture in this city. That’s why I stepped up.”

Hamilton Community Foundation/Terry Cooke: “The Westdale Cinema. So many of our memories are there. So many more to be made.”

Jessett Investments/The McNally Family: “Our parents and grandparents went to the Westdale. They even talked about taking dates there. We want to be part of restoring a place we can use, but even more importantly, a place our kids can use too.”

Ron Richter: “I grew up in Westdale. I went to George R. Allen School. For me, the theatre identified Westdale as a special place. I really believe that this project will help people to feel that they re part of doing something important.”

Robert Crockford: “I like saving things that are unique and, for me, the Westdale Theatre has gained that status. It’s the last one we have left.”

Jeff Paikin: “The theatres I went to as a kid are all gone. To me, this represents a whole lot more than just a movie theatre. The Westdale Theatre is part of Hamilton’s history.”